Fall Lawn Care

As we begin to decline into the cooler months, now is the time to prepare your lawn for winter. Many homeowners overlook this important time because of the belief that grass grows slower during the cooler months. However, this is just the opposite. As the cooler months descend on us, grass is actually preparing for the long winter ahead by absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients it will need.

canstockphoto11598871To ensure your lawn is ready for the winter months, here are 4 important steps to take today.

1. Mow your lawn. To keep your grass healthy, continue to mow your lawn. As we move further towards the end of the season, drop the blade of your mower to its lowest setting to allow for more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.

2. Aerate the soil. Fall is the ideal time to aerate your soil to ensure the fertilizer and other nutrients get down to the dirt. Also, overtime, dirt and roots become compacted which makes it difficult for the water and nutrients to get in. By aerating your lawn, you add holes to the soil which allows for those critical nutrients to go deep into the soil and keeps your lawn healthy.

3. Rake the leaves. No one enjoys raking leaves, but the simple fact is that it’s important to remove fallen leaves from your grass, immediately. If the leaves become wet, they can turn into a dense mat which is impossible to break through. This can suffocate your lawn and cause fungus to grow and lead to disease,

4. Fertilize the grass. Your lawn has a long winter ahead so making sure it has the proper nutrients to survive is essential. One way to make sure your grass is equipped to survive the winter (and stay healthy) is to fertilize now. Talk with your local garden center to decide which fertilizer is best your grass, climate, and region.

Have some tips to add for preparing your lawn for the winter? Share them with us below in the comments.




Buying A New Home vs An Old Home

Driving around Utah, there is a lot of building go on. Everywhere you turn it seems everyone is building a home, but is worth the cost? As you determine which is the best option for you, here are some of the pros and cons for buying an older home:new vs old

Benefits of Buying an Older Home Cons of Buying an Older Home
Larger yards, more room for kids to run around. More expensive, things get old and all apart, and there is always things to fix or upgrade.
More character, interesting architectural features. Smaller closets, storage space, and garages.
Established neighborhood, more people know each other. Required updates and remodels.

However, for some, owning a home with a larger yard and established neighborhood is not what they want. If you’re considering buying a newer home, here are some important factors to consider:

Benefits of Buying a Newer Home Cons of Buying a Newer Home
Modern conveniences, everything is newer. No uniqueness, tract homes tend to have identical floor plans which can pretty boring.
New construction, your items will last a longer. Immature vegetation, new homes aren’t established like an older homes.
Energy efficient, new appliances use less energy and makes your home more green. House settling, new homes haven’t had a chance to settle so you can expect cracks in the foundation, walls, and door frames.

In the end there is no wrong choice. The important thing is buy a home that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Write down everything you want in your home, what you have to have, and what you can live without. The more you know about what you want going in, the better you’ll be able to decide if a older or newer home is the best option for you.

Have you bought an older or newer home? Would you do it again? What do you wish you’d known going in? Tell us about your experience below in the comments.

The Best Local Back-to-School Deals

We all know that getting ready for back-to-school can be expensive. But did you know that parents will spend an average of $670 this year on getting just one child ready for school according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey? You can cut that number in half. Being the savvy shopper that you already are, take advantage of a savings strategy that includes hunting down the best back-to-school savings you can find.pencil-case-932143_640

Shop the best deals:

  • Smith’s
    Smith’s Food and Drug offers “smart ways to stock up” from school supplies to everyday essentials and more. Their deals on supplies include 49-cent composition notebooks, 49-cent index cards, 15-cent pocket folders and more. The deals on everyday essentials include bargains on coffee makers, batteries, personal hygiene products, gum and even houseware staples like lightbulbs and plastic storage bins.
  • Family Dollar
    At Family Dollar you can get deals on paper, notebooks, folders, backpacks and writing supplies. They even have a bargain on hand sanitizer. Select school supplies including glue, glue sticks, pens, scissors, pencils, pencil sharpeners, notebooks and coloring books are only one-dollar.
  • Office Depot and Office Max
    Office Depot and Office Max offer “great gear for great prices” on everything back-to-school. They are offering bargains up to 50 percent off on backpacks, 25 percent off zipper binders and 10 percent off on construction paper. For more information regarding their weekly deals click here.
  • Staples
    Staples offers bargains on copy paper, composition notebooks, loose-leaf paper, pocket folders, pencils, glue and the list goes on. However, their best deals are on Pink eraser 3-packs and Pentel pens.
  • Target
    Target has a stellar gift card deal. Spend $30 or more and receive a five dollar gift card. They also are offering up to 30 percent off all kids’ clothing and cheap Fiskars scissors. The savings just keeps adding up with their savings on everything for back-to-school lunches.
  • Shopko
    Shopko’s best back-to-school sale is happening right now and lasts until August 17. You can get a 24 pack of Crayola crayons for just 38 cents! A four ounce Elmer’s glue also is only 38 cents. Looking for markers? They have a 10 pack of Crayola markers for less than a dollar.
  • Walmart
    Walmart has the deals for everything back-to-school from supplies to lunches and snacks. Their school supply deals include a 24 pack of Crayola crayons and composition notebooks for 50 cents along with $1.92 one-inch binders and 50-cent Elmer’s glue bottles. They also are offering one-dollar Lunchables, one-dollar Juicy Juice Splashers, $1.98 per pound green, red, or black seedless grapes while kids’ backpacks start as low as $4.97. For more deals on clothes and electronics at Walmart click here.
  • Amazon
    You don’t even have to leave your house when shopping with Amazon. Besides, Amazon is meeting or beating a lot of the retail store deals. They are offering complete supply kits for pre-k through eighth grade. These kits include notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue and everything else your little one’s need to be prepared. The prices on these kits range from $19.96 to $29.99. Amazon also offers deals on a variety of other items including sharpies, highlighters, glue sticks, paper, pens, pencils and more.

9 of Utah’s Best Fishing Hideaways

People flock to Utah to experience some of the best snow on Earth and enjoy world-class skiing and snowboarding. On the other hand, Utah possesses beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and some outstanding fishing holes. Check out one of these hidden gems before summer ends!girls-918753_640

  1. Starvation State Park

Known for is great walleye fishing, Starvation State Park hosts an annual walleye fishing tournament, the Starvation Walleye Classic. This recommended reservoir also provides opportunities for catching crawdads and is located off of I-40 near Duchesne.

  1. Otter Creek State Park and Reservoir

This central Utah reservoir boasts excellent fishing opportunities year-round with fly fishing all summer long and ice fishing during the winter. One of the oldest dam projects in Utah, Otter Creek Reservoir is stocked with rainbow trout and a limited amount of bear lake cutthroats.

  1. Sand Hollow Reservoir

This southern Utah gem is well known for its boating and wakeboarding, but beneath surface lies excellent bass fishing opportunities. Located north of St. George on SR-9, Sand Hollow Reservoir is ranked by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and local anglers as a hot spot for fishing. Adventurists also enjoy the many campsites and trails.

  1. Utah Lake

For those interested in catching channel fish, walleye, bluegill fish and white bass should look no further than Utah Lake. Also, a growing population of largemouth bass has become available. You can use hard plastic crankbaits, tailed worms and/or grubs to catch the walleyes and largemouth bass. Although there are plenty of access points on the lake, we recommend the marina in Prove on Center Street. The marina offers family-friendly fishing opportunities complete with picnic tables, pavilions and volleyball nets.

  1. American Fork River

This river offers great fishing from the mouth of the American Fork Canyon all the way up to Tibble Fork Reservoir. This river is stocked with brown and rainbow trout all year long. Floating a night crawler down the river does the trick on this river. For more tips and tricks on catching trout, check out this article.

  1. Pelican Lake

There is good news for anglers and bad news for fish at Pelican Lake. Recent surveys of this Uintah Basin lake show that there is an overabundance of largemouth bass and bluegill. Also, recent repairs to the pier allow anglers to reach even deeper or more water. Aquatics managers are encouraging the targeting of carp to reduce the biomass build-up at the lake.

  1. Huntington North Reservoir

This Emery County well-kept secret is booming with a white bass and striped bass hybrid called wipers. Biologists introduced the wipers in 2009. They have been flourishing due in part to a hefty food supply of Utah chub and green sunfish. People have reported catching 6-pound wipers all summer long. You also can find lunker largemouth bass and brown trout in the Huntington North Reservoir.

  1. Boulder Mountain

This relatively new, Blue Ribbon fishery has almost 80 lakes, reservoirs, streams and ponds that offer endless fishing opportunities. Known for is brook trout fishing, Boulder Mountain also boats tiger, cutthroat, splake and rainbow trout along with arctic grayling. Many areas are only accessible by ATV or four-wheel-drive. As such, camping opportunities are sparse and you can plan on really roughing it.

  1. Willard Bay

Like the Huntington North Reservoir, this Box Elder County water also has wipers along with walleye and channel catfish. The smallmouth bass population has been growing here as well. Stop by Willard Bay for some amazing angler opportunities when you’re zooming down I-15.

Utah’s Best Utah House Doctors

Local RE/MAX Agents Named Among “America’s Best”

Utah House Doctors Earned Ranking for 2015 Home Sales


 Utah House DoctorsHome of The Best TeamLayton, Utah, July 20th – Utah House Doctors with RE/MAX Metro is among the 2,691 RE/MAX agents and teams featured in the 2016 REAL Trends “America’s Best Real Estate Agents” survey. The agents included in the survey represent less than 1 percent of all real estate professionals in the United States.

 “Our proven methods get your home in front of more people. In a market where agents are pulling back their marketing budgets we’re spending more to sell your home fast and charging the same amount.” said Ivie. “Being recognized alongside so many hard working and dedicated real estate professionals is an accomplishment, and we’re honored to be named among ‘America’s Best’.”

“America’s Best” is the industry’s largest ranking of agents based on homes sold in 2015. The survey is open to individual agents who closed at least 50 transaction sides or $20 million in sales volume and teams who had at least 75 sides or $30 million in volume.  The fourth annual ranking groups agents by state and metro area. Both individual agents and teams are recognized for their number of transaction sides and/or sales volume.

Utah House Doctors have a combined real estate experience of 41 years! 1,213 homes SOLD in Utah with an average of 47 days on market and over $238.3 billion of Utah Real Estate SOLD!

Having sold over RE/MAX agents accounted for 22 percent of the more than 12,000 participating agents who qualified for the survey. This year, RE/MAX had more agents named in the survey than any other brand.

About RE/MAX Metro:

RE/MAX Metro is a locally owned and operated full-service real estate brokerage located in Layton, Utah. The brokerage has 82 Realtors® and specializes in Residential and/or Commercial real estate. RE/MAX Metro is a proud supporter of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® and other charities, and is located at 579 Heritage Park Blvd. Layton, Utah 84041.


Pioneer Days Events/History

In Utah, Pioneer Day is a popular holiday celebrating the entry of the Mormon pioneers into Salt Lake Valley in 1847. This holiday allows Utahns to remember the journey Brigham Young and the pioneers made, their strength and endurance, along with the trials they faced to make it across the States. The first official Pioneer Day was held on July 24, 1857 but was interrupted by Johnson’s Army. Pioneer Day wouldn’t be celebrated until 1862.wagon-1018705_640

Because Pioneer Day is a state holiday, many county offices with the exception of emergency services and businesses are closed that day to enjoy the festivities. To commemorate the day, many people enjoy seeing the fireworks, parades, enjoying some rodeos, picnics, and other festivities that take place across the state.

Want to get in on the fun? The Days of ‘47 are holding a lot of great, family-friendly events. Here are a few to check out:

  • Youth Parade. Taking place Saturday, July 23, 2016, this is a fun event Sponsored by Union Pacific Railroad. The Youth Parade starts at 10 am so grab the kids and enjoy a fun day of great food and floats.
  • Family Festival. After the Youth Parade, this event allows children and their families to enjoy some family-friendly activities and crafts.

In addition to these fun events, the infamous Pioneer Day Parade will be taking place on July 25, 2016. This parade has all kinds of colorful floats celebrating the local businesses and vendors.

On the flip side of the state holiday, another holiday many haven’t heard of, for those who aren’t interested in celebrating Pioneer Day, is Beer and Pie Day. Already KRCL has some great events taking place this year.

Regardless what side of the fence you fall on, there are a lot of awesome things taking place across the state that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Best Ice cream shops in the area

IceCreamAs we move further in the hot summer months, many people are turning to their favorite cold treat, to help combat the heat and cool down. Ice cream is a wonderful, tasty treat and with so many ice cream shops out there, here are some of our top places:

  • YogoTogo. Located in Kaysville, YogoTogo is a great place to take the family for a night of great ice cream and laughs.
  • Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. There is nothing like a creamy treat of frozen custard on a hot day. Ready for a sweet treat? Make this your next stop.
  • Cold Stone Creamery. This is a fun place to go with the kids! Choose your tasty treats and watch them mix them into the ice cream of your choice.
  • Subzero. Unlike any place you’ve been to before, Subzero makes the ice cream right before your eyes!
  • Baskin Robbins. An oldie, but a goodie—Baskin Robbins has a lot of wonderful options to try.
  • Farr’s Fresh. A personal favorite, Farr’s fresh has the best frozen yogurt with the freshest toppings.
  • Not in the mood for ice cream, but still want a cold treat? Keva Juice has some great smoothies to try.

Do you have a favorite ice cream place you like to go with the family? Tell us about it below in the comments—we’re always on the hunt for new places to try.

Summer Maintenance Check

Summer Maintenance CheckWith the temperatures quickly rising well into the 90-degree range and summer holidays just around the corner, you will want to get your home up to snuff, comfortable and ready for that big family barbeque. Here is a quick cleaning and maintenance list to get your home and yard looking and feeling great for summer. After all, a clean home is a happy home!

For your home:

  • Make sure to get an air conditioning tune-up and replace any dusty filters.
  • Check the batteries and functionality of all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspect your roof for damaged or missing shingles and leaks. Detecting a small problem now prevents a larger, leakier problem in the future.
  • Wash your windows if you haven’t already. Nothing can freshen up the outside of your home and provide great curb appeal like sparkling windows.
  • Clean out those gutters to help with the appearance and curb appeal of your home.
  • Pressure washing the exterior of your home annually is another way to show that you take pride in your home and the way it looks.
  • If you have a deck and/or porch now is a great time to inspect them for possible repairs such as replacing rotten boards and pinning down nails that stick out. They may also need polishing or a new coat of stain.
  • Don’t forget to clean and shine up the grill!


For your yard:

  • Add an additional layer of mulch to aid in weed control. Extra mulch also helps your garden retain moisture in the heat and gives your plants a chance to grow.
  • Patch any cracks and holes in the driveway. A good pressure wash also freshens up that aging driveway.
  • Primp and prune your plants especially those around the AC unit. Clear away all foliage within 18-inches of the sides of the unit and at least three feet above. The better the air circulation the more efficient your unit can provide comfortable living and savings.
  • Look for leaks from hoses, faucets and the sprinkler system. Even small leaks can add up to big costs.
  • Plan your watering schedule. An ideal watering schedule trains your plants to endure dryer days by promoting the growth of deep and strong roots. To achieve this, you can water deeply a few times a week versus lightly every day.
  • Leave the dirt outside and get two doormats for the main entry and one doormat for all other entries. Sweep out the garage consistently to avoid tracking dirt back in.

Affordable Summer Fun That is Family-Friendly in Davis County

Family FunAffordable Summer Fun

Summer is here and soon school will be out. With the kids home, finding lots of activities to stay busy can be an expensive task. Here is a go-to list of what Davis County has to offer without breaking the bank.


Cool down with the Clearfield Aquatic Center. This fitness complex offers a refreshing break from the blazing heat. Although admission is not free, it is pretty reasonable. Admission for youth 17 and under is $3 while adults are only $5.50. With a large lap pool, kiddie waterpark and waterslide, the Clearfield Aquatic Center is a great stop for the whole family to enjoy.

Jesse D. Barlow Park provides 17 acres of free family fun. A mid-size pavilion accommodating up to 60 people is great spot to have a picnic.  The park also features multiple athletic fields for football and soccer. A baseball diamonds, basketball courts, playground equipment and restrooms. There is even a half mile walking/jogging path surrounding the park.


Ellison Park is another great summer hangout spot for the family. Besides being completely free, the park offers plenty of recreation opportunities. Basketball courts, baseball diamonds, football fields, a sand volleyball court, tennis courts, picnic pavilions, barbeque grills, a skate park, playground equipment and a splash pad fill this 44-acre park.

Plunge into Layton’s Surf N’ Swim year around. Enjoy this fun waterpark all summer long. During the cooler months, a unique bubble covers the wave and lap pools. Admission for children ages three and under is free while everyone else in the family pays $4.50 for an all-day pass.

Classic Fun Center offers affordable weekday specials. Monday is family night which includes admission for a family of five for $39.99. Admission includes unlimited skating, bouncing, mini golf, laser tag, one jumbo pizza and a soda pitcher. The fun center also offers $2 Tuesdays, Dollar Night on Thursdays and Super Saturdays.


Bring the whole family out for a fun filled day at Barnes Park. The park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for the whole family. The park also provides two large and many small pavilions to accommodate gatherings of all sizes. The park also features two playgrounds, rest rooms, sand volleyball courts, softball fields, three multi-use fields, basketball courts and barbecue grills.

The Kaysville Theatre offers patrons a discounted movie screening experience. Admission is $2 for everyone two-years-old and up and $3 for Friday and Saturday evening showings after 6 p.m. The theater also provides affordable popcorn, soda and other concessions.

Boondocks Fun Center offers reasonable specials including Family Fun Mondays and $12 Tuesdays. Bring the whole family to enjoy bowling, laser tag, rollerball, arcade gaming, miniature golf, bumper boats, go-karts, batting cages, pizza and so much more!



If you haven’t been over to check out the new Station Park, you really need too! They have so much more than just shopping. In the center, there is a playground and fountain for the kids to enjoy. The Cinemark movie theater hosts a Summer Movie Clubhouse that offers discounted movie screenings all summer long. For adults, they have various yoga classes and great dining options including The Habit.

South Park also known as the skate park, is a great place for the family to hang out during the summer. The park offers plenty of amenities including a pavilion that is large enough to accommodate 150 people. You will also find two ball fields, a large playing field, playground equipment, basketball courts, sand volleyball court, a small skate bowl and restrooms.


Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Buying A Home

Home buying can be a stressful experience, but it can also be an exciting time. While you search for your dream home, explore various neighborhoods, and find the best place to raise your family, here are 3 rookie mistakes to avoid which can cost you more money.potted-731201_640

  1. Keep emotions out of it. Remember, as you search for your dream home, this is a huge investment, but there are a lot of great homes out there. As you look at homes, find a few that you’re interested in so if one falls through you have other options that you love as well.
  1. Save your money. Take some time to save up enough money for a down payment (at least 20%) and also save up an emergency fund. General rule of thumb, save up at least a thousand dollars, but better yet, save up enough to cover you for a few months in case you lose your job or have another financial problem.
  1. Get Pre-approved. Many people mistake going into this without getting pre-approved first. Before you begin your search or hire a real estate agent, speak with a loan officer to find out how much you qualify for and what you can afford. This way you don’t get discouraged with falling in love with a home way out of your price range.

Learn more about what rookie mistakes to avoid by checking out  this article by Home Value Plus.