Preserve Your Pumpkin Carvings

One of the best things about this time of year is carving Halloween pumpkins! There are so many fun, and spooky, designs that you can create anything you want. However, after doing all that work, you don’t want to have all your pumpkins rotting the day after you carved them.

To help extend the life of your pumpkin, here are 3 tips:

Halloween Carved Pumpkins1. Refrigerate your pumpkins overnight. If you live in a warm area, consider placing your carved pumpkins in the fridge at night to help preserve them. Spray your pumpkins with a soap-water mixture and wrap in a bag before placing in your fridge to help keep your pumpkins rehydrated.

2. Soak your pumpkins overnight. If you don’t want to refrigerate pumpkins, you can soak them overnight instead. To do this, place your pumpkins in a bin or tub of cold water to soak overnight. This is especially good for people who live in cooler areas, if your pumpkin begins to wilt, give them a good soak.

3. Fruit fly solution. Fruit flies are attracted to rotting fruit and other produce, such as pumpkins, and actually can ramp up the rotting process. Create a DIY mixture, poison free, to help keep fruit flies at bay.

Have some tips and tricks for keeping your pumpkins around longer? Do you love this time of year? Share your tips and stories with us below.